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About Heartland KAH
Heartland Kids Against Hunger facilitates food packing events so that mass quantities of vitamin-rich meals can be served to children and families living in extreme poverty. We package highly nutritious, life-saving meals that are destined for some of the most malnourished and impoverished corners of our world, including areas right here in the Heartland. Our goals ensure that the meals we package reach these areas whether it is around the globe or around the corner.

Locally, Heartland KAH is surrounding and partnering itself with local churches, schools, businesses, and organizations in order to continue helping with the front-line distribution of these meals. Internationally, we continue to build relationships with organizations that have historically proven themselves as being capable of getting our food to the children and families that we know are in most need. Through relationships with established and trusted full-time missionaries that are already on the ground in these locations, we know that what we package here locally is not surrendered into the hands of the many corrupt governments and criminal networks that occupy these areas.

It is the hope of Heartland KAH that every man, woman, or child that serves at our local events, is sent back out into our community, self-fed with Love and spirit-led in joy, knowing they humbled themselves this day by serving the “least” in our world.
Heartland KAH
Heartland KAH Packing Event
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